• The Crown Smart Capper, supplied by Jet Technologies.
    The Crown Smart Capper, supplied by Jet Technologies.

Jet Technologies has announced the new compact Smart Capper system from Crown, which is designed to reduce bottlenecks in jar capping through speed and ease of use.

The Smart Capper is a fully-automated system for production lines, and its low space requirement means it can be used in small manufacturing facilities.

Daniel Malki, Jet Technologies.
Daniel Malki, Jet Technologies.

According to Daniel Malki, general manager at Jet Technologies, the Smart Capper is designed to be easy to use with little maintenance. “For food manufacturers that use jars for products such as sauces, spreads, olives and vegetables, the Smart Capper will help improve productivity through a reduction of reject rates on jar lids,” he said. “This will also minimise wastage of lids, which saves on costs.”

The machine’s stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean, says Malki. “As the food manufacturing industry continues to look for innovative ways to increase productivity to meet the demands of Australian consumers, Jet Technologies feel confident our new capping machine will provide our customers with the best solution to meet their needs,” he said.

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