SMC has partnered with Active Weighing Solutions to provide the pneumatics for AWS’s new automatic bagging machine.

Designed and built in Australia, the GR900-15 automatic bagging machine uses SMC manifolds and vacuum ejectors to increase speed and save energy.

According to Nigel Saul, managing director of AWS, this is the first machine of its kind in Australia, and offers minimal operator involvement as well as features such as a separate bag loading machine and sensors that can self-correct for poor-quality bags.

“We anticipate a great future for the automatic bagging machine with export potential and the ability to pack dry goods of any kind. The intelligent sensing, small footprint, plug and play solution and modular design make it an excellent candidate for the export market,” he said.

AWS bills the GR900-15 as compact and robust, able to fill and close a variety of bags at speeds of up to 15 bags per minute while taking up less than 12 square metres of floor space. The solution is up and running in three Australian states already, and the company aims to have one in operation in each state by next year.

“Our engineers have the knowledge and depth of experience to design bagging lines – from simple manual systems through to fully automated systems with robotic assistance. We will work with you to implement the bagging solution that meets your production needs,” said Saul.

Food & Drink Business

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