French co-packer Packopale has broadened its market offering with the addition of APPMA member Schur's Schur Star concept to its operations.

The contract packer, established in 2000, has focused on the frozen seafood segment. It serves smaller companies that reach the point where they can grow from small-scale hand packing production but aren’t able to take the next step, as well as larger companies that need assistance for projects like small-batch runs.

According to director Gregory Condette, the Schur Star concept came along just at the right time for Packopale.

“We had reached the point where our capacity and our packaging offer in general did just reach the market requirement in term of innovation and flexibility.

“When introduced to the operational, logistical and promotional advantages of the Schur Star concept, we immediately saw the potential for us. Now there is hardly anything we can’t do.”

Schur Flexibles Group, an APPMA member, is among the key players profiled in the report. 
The Schur Star concept has boosted Packopale's seafood packing business.

Condette said that, based on its know-how in packing seafood, Packopale has experienced growing success with Schur Star.

“Not only can we now offer a packing process adapted to any product requirement – from oddly shaped shellfish to be carefully hand-packed, over standardized products, packed fully automatically, or a solution in between requiring a combination of automatic and manual packing.

“We can combine with filling, weighing and counting equipment. We offer late differentiation through carton header application or direct print on the bag during the packing process. We have advanced to a higher level in our business,” he said.

Packopale’s versatility in packaging solutions has been extended beyond just the traditional pillow bags, says Condette.

“As examples we now offer a box shaped solution, which will give superior shelf appearance in the upright refrigerated display. A two-compartment bag for seafood being packed side-by-side to dressing, sauce or a side dish.

“Also shaped bags are possible – it could be shaped like a fish, with appeal to children, or logo-shaped bags for promotional purposes. And our new partner has the capabilities of designing whatever bag construction is required,” he said.

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