Packaging equipment supplier Fibre King is collaborating with SMC to bring the automation specialist’s pneumatic solutions to its customers in the name of saving energy.

Fibre King is fitting its machines with SMC technology, including digital flow switches to measure the amount of air expelled, and the Automatic Leak Detection System (ALDS), which can detect leaks with no external supervision required.

James Windsor, MD Fibre King.
James Windsor, MD Fibre King.

James Windsor, managing director of Fibre King, says these systems will help customers save energy and, therefore, money. “PFM flow switches from SMC are used on our machines to monitor air flow and energy changes,” he said. “Changes will be flagged as readings change, and it will also show you the differences in air usage with pressure changes. This saving translates directly into cost savings for our customers.

“While energy saving is great for the environment and does play its part, for our customers the bottom line is – how much will I save now and in the long run? Essentially, it’s about profitability, return on investment and ultimately, long-term gain.”

According to Windsor, the partnership is part of Fibre King’s commitment to research and development, and increasing customers’ productivity. “We want to offer our customers speed, precision, reliability and peace-of-mind with intelligent packaging machinery to ‘future proof’ your business and increase profits,” he said. “Realising energy savings forms part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, the industry and the environment.”

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