SMC Corporation Australia and New Zealand has launched its next-generation mainline filtration range – the AC-D Series, which has been modified from previous iterations to better accommodate the ever-changing needs of the modern factory.

Speaking to the host of new innovative features, Angus Christian, sales champion for SMC ANZ, said a key benefit is its ability to reduce the time needed to assemble clean air service units. 

“Customers can now enjoy reduced downtime and improved machine effectiveness thanks to its new modular design, which also offers a flat design for a modern appearance,” Christian explained. 

“It’s no secret that air treatment equipment is at the heart of every factory. Any company using compressed air needs to ensure that the air running through their system is properly prepared for a long service life, efficient operations and quality air. 

Angus Christian, sales champion for SMC ANZ.
Angus Christian, sales champion for SMC ANZ.

“Our company has always believed that any good pneumatic system starts with air treatment equipment.” 

As a customer-centric company, SMC once again looked to the needs of its customers when developing the AC-D Series.

“The AC-D Series is available in an array of sizes to suit a various range of flow requirements, all of which helps to minimise pressure drops,” Christian said. 

“For companies where tampering with devices is of concern, the AC-D Series is equipped with a lockable on-on valve that can be secured with a padlock for extra safety. The regulator is also equipped with a tamperproof knob cover.”

In addition, the AC-D Series is compatible with other components to help control operations, including:

  • Electronic proportional regulators;
  • Air flow switches with integrated temperature and pressure sensing;
  • Integrated pressure detecting; and
  • Monitored air dump valves for safety circuits.

“The AC-D Series brings a modern appearance to SMC’s line of air preparation equipment, while maintaining the high performance of our other series,” Christian concluded.

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