As warehouse automation advances, Nord Drivesystems delivers a comprehensive modular system for individual and scalable drive solutions for warehouse logistics applications.

E-Commerce is booming and so is warehouse automation. Flexible warehouse systems are also in demand in large grocery chain warehouses, and require environmentally friendly, sustainable and intelligent drive concepts.

Drive specialist Nord is highly familiar with the industry’s requirements and offers a variety of dynamic drive solutions which are suited for various applications and requirements in warehouse logistics

With motor efficiency class IE4 and system efficiency class IES2, Nord said the drive units achieve "excellent efficiencies", especially in the partial load and speed range.

In addition, the latest generation IE5 permanent magnet synchronous motors achieve high energy efficiency and significantly reduce energy consumption.

Also, the constant torque over a wide speed range allows for a targeted version reduction, which minimises administrative expenses, and according to Nord, enables leaner manufacturing, logistics, storage and service processes.

The decentralised Nordac ON frequency inverter

The decentralised Nordac ON frequency inverter has been developed for horizontal conveyor technology requirements in warehousing, and the Nordac ON+ variant for interaction with the new IE5+ synchronous motor.

It is characterised by an integrated Ethernet interface, its ease of maintenance through complete pluggability, and an extremely compact design – providing an economical and intelligent plug-and-play solution for IIoT environments.

The compact, smart frequency inverter for decentralised use can be mounted directly on the geared motor, and it covers lower power ranges of up to 2.2kW, while having an energy-saving function in the partial load range.

The integrated Ethernet interface reduces the effort for integration into modern automation systems – whether for ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT – and the required protocol can be easily set via parameters.

More efficiency in conveyor technology

The Nordac Flex SK 205E series is also ideally suited for applications in warehouse logistics, with the compact, decentralised and energy-efficient frequency inverter offerring a wide power range of up to 22kW, and enables energy savings over the entire load range.

The inverter can be used to control standard asynchronous motors, high-efficiency synchronous motors and brake motors. It can be installed close to the drive in the field or motor-mounted, while power and data cable connections are available as plug-in versions.

The decentralised system enables short motor and encoder cables, as well as short supply cables to sensors. Encoder feedback can also be included for position-controlled transport systems.

According to Nord, the large overload capacity of the Nordac Flex SK 205E makes dynamic movements with short start and stop times or cyclic operation possible, and the integrated Posicon control enables high precision in synchronous and positioning applications.

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