Haver & Boecker has released what it is calling “a symphony of technologies” – a depalletiser, bag applicator and packer – all “perfectly matched, digitally interconnected, and centrally controlled” to ensure a consistent and steadily high-performing packing process.

The entire high-performance packing system is controlled automatically by the bags to be filled.

By scanning the QR code of an empty bag, the line receives the information on which product type is to be filled into this bag design. 

All components of the line, as well as the product supply, adjust automatically to this information and this type. 

The process: after scanning, the new AMICUS depalletiser picks up the specified bag stacks from the pallet and places them on the holding table at the RADIMAT.

The bag scanner in the RADIMAT reads the QR code for checking and for data transfer to the QUAT2RO System Monitoring. Next, the bags are automatically shot onto the spouts of the roto-packer automatically, then filled and convened.

Different types of bags can be used, which are provided with a QR code. The code contains the information with which product the bags are filled, and gives the entire process even more security.

The roto-packer can also be equipped with upgrades to allow for sealing the bag valves after filling. 

Food & Drink Business

Beston Global Food Company’s Lactoferrin capacity expansion has progressed forward with the commissioning and operation of a third extraction column. It anticipates Lactoferrin sales to surpass 10MT in the first half of FY24.

Woolworths’ partnership with OzHarvest will see the supermarket match every dollar donated by customers to the charity's Christmas appeal in store and online until 26 December.

Global food and beverage group Retail Food Group (RFG) has entered into a conditional SPA to acquire Queensland pie maker Beefy’s Pies for $10 million. Family-owned, Beefy’s opened its first store in 1997.