APPMA member Omron has hosted a Sydney breakfast seminar to demonstrate the benefits of its collaborative robot (cobot) technology.

The event earlier this week showcased the TM series of cobots, which Omron says can significantly increase productivity, profitability, and workplace safety.

“More than 40 guests learned how cobots can quickly and easily be deployed to perform almost any task in the modern workplace.

“Safe and transportable, with built-in vision, the TM robot allows for quick start-ups and rapid changeovers. Most importantly, staff no longer have to carry out repetitive, monotonous tasks,” the company said.

Omron TM series cobots.
Omron TM series cobots.

One advantage of Omron’s cobot technology is its flexibility, the manufacturer added.

“Whether you’re working in automotive, semiconductors, packaging, food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, the Omron TM cobot is designed to adapt to almost any industry.

“This new line of collaborative robots is safer, simpler to program and easier to integrate with other equipment,” said Omron.

According to Omron, key features of the TM series include less and simpler programming; faster changeover; high level of safety; versatility and adaptability to numerous applications; seamless integration with mobile robots and controller hardware; and a built-in intelligent vision system for pattern recognition, object positioning, and barcode identification.

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