• No checkout: Woolworths Scan&Go
    No checkout: Woolworths Scan&Go

Supermarket giant Woolworths significantly expanding trials on new technology that will enable its customers to scan packaging and pay for the products on their smartphones, doing away with the need for checkouts.

The Scan&Go technology is based on a free downloadable app. Customers use the app to scan packaging of products as they take them off the shelves, then hit pay on the app at the end of their shop, before tapping out at a kiosk. The money is deducted from their account. It means they will avoid the checkout.

The trial is taking place at half a dozen Woolworths stores in Sydney, mainly the Metro city centre locations, but at one suburban supermarket, in Mona Vale, and at Double Bay which has been pioneering the trial for the past nine months.

The app will be available for both Android and Apple smartphones, but only to members of Woolworths loyalty club Rewards programme, tightening the connection between the grocer and its customers.

The technology is being developed by the company's digital arm WooliesX.

Items up to a total amount of $250 in supermarkets, and $50 in Metros can be purchased within the Scan&Go app. Some items will be excluded, including Gift cards, SIM cards, and tobacco.

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