Anthony Pratt has tweeted a celebratory dance after securing a “big customer” on a trip to the US.

Visy’s CEO and Australia’s richest man had previously tweeted he was in Seattle to meet with Amazon, leading to as yet unconfirmed speculation that the giant American e-tailer was the big customer mentioned.

Pratt has also met with Smithfield Foods, America’s largest pork producer, on his trip; in addition to Visy in Australia, Pratt also runs America’s Pratt Industries. Amazon is already one of Pratt Industries' biggest US customers, he told the Australian Financial Review in 2017.

"They have grown from zero in 1997 to become the world's largest buyer of corrugated boxes – and they are growing at 30 per cent a year, which is stunning.

"They're great people to work with and Amazon is the most 21st-century company out there. They are leaders of the new economy and on retail will only get bigger," he said.

The dance video has racked up almost 10,000 views to date.

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