The Coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on the aluminium aerosol can industry, depressing some areas, and presenting opportunities in others, according to a statement from international organisation for manufacturers of aluminium aerosol cans, Aerobal.

In many countries, packaging has been identified as an important part of the system for supplying people with food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical products, and is exempted from restrictions.

But, the closure of shops such as hairdressers has caused a decline in demand in some sectors of the aerosol can market. Furthermore, Aerobal said, uncertainty in the general public, reduced working hours, and job losses are also having an impact on consumer purchasing.

“Panic buying of food, sanitising products, hand creams, and soaps is being offset by cost-cutting measures for other products, such as cosmetics, which lose their fundamental importance for many consumers during times of crisis,” the statement reads.

However, Aerobal president Leopold Werdich said the industry looks to be in good shape in the pandemic period.

“Despite all the adversities caused by the crisis, the continued operation of food and chemists' shops and pharmacies, coupled with the packaging industry being recognised as an important part of system-relevant supply chains, means that – with a few exceptions in certain countries – the industry is far less affected by the cuts than other industrial sectors,” Werdich said. “Certain market segments are even enjoying something of a temporary boom in demand.”

“While making the health of our own workforce a priority, our industry will do its best to make a responsible contribution to ensuring the public has an uninterrupted supply of these important products,” Werdich said.

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