With just over a week to go until the Food & Drink Business + PKN LIVE: Brands Behaving Bravely breakfast forum, the full programme has been unveiled.

Slated for next Friday 11 October at the Melbourne Arts Centre, the event will feature three speakers, followed by a panel discussion on what it takes to be a brave brand.

First up, keynote speaker Nikki Moeschinger, MD of Brand Opus, will draw on global best practice brand building principles to provide delegates with a framework on creating a brand that will affect consumer behaviour.

“In a world full of noise, brand is more important than ever. Playing it safe just won’t cut it,” she says.

Chris Gray, MD of the Daylight Agency, will follow her up by revealing key factors that make consumers see a brand as brave, and highlight a number of specific brands that have put them into practice.

“Building a brave brand hinges on making on making sure that ‘brand promotion’ and ‘brand protection’ is in balance, to ensure reputational resilience,” he says.

Next, Matt Hurle, co-founder of Brandcrush, will demonstrate how his company works with brands and activation partners to facilitate product sampling and experiential marketing; he will also offer insight into what’s driving the brand activation phenomenon.

“When you look at the global forces behind the rise of experiential marketing you’ll see why real-world engagement is more important than ever,” he says.

Finally, a panel moderated by Kim Berry of Food & Drink Business will speak with representatives from +Hemp, Almond Breeze, The Healthy Chef, Brownes Dairy, and The Alt Meat Co on what being a brave brand is all about.

It’s not too late to reserve your spot at the forum – so book now, and we’ll see you in Melbourne.

Food & Drink Business

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