Queensland’s Food Technology and Manufacturing Exhibition returns to Brisbane this month!

The triennial FoodTech Qld expo is on 28-30 July 2019 (Sunday to Tuesday) at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. This year’s theme is “Creating new lines in manufacturing” and aims to deliver nothing less.

Key highlights this year are: innovation from ideation to production to packaging; the future of what consumers are demanding; new packaging formats for food and drink; sustainability; seminars; a futurist; business health checks; intelligence; and networking with industry leaders.

If you are in the food and beverage sector or thinking about moving into the industry, the expo is unmissable. 

Register before 26 July for FREE.

What to expect

FoodTech Qld showcases the latest in food ingredients, plant equipment, food and drink processing and packaging technology. There is also innovative offerings from food science and testing for new product development.

Queensland is Australia’s third largest food and beverage manufacturer, but is geographically positioned to be the country’s leader for exporting to Asian markets. The state is also at the forefront as an innovation hub. 

Register now to see the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) present on the pursuit of “digital agriculture”. 

See the University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences’ application of 3D printing for the food industry. 

Meet the team from CSIRO’s Coopers Plains facility. They are working closely with small-to-medium sized manufacturers looking to scale-up products, providing funding and assistance to seize opportunities that emerge from global trends.

Seminars will inspire and motivate by exploring new ways of thinking about future-proofing food and beverage businesses.

Industry knowledge and networking

Industry partners exhibiting include: AIFST, AIP, Brisbane Marketing, DIAA, FAN, Federal Government, FIAL, FIAQ, FLA and the QLD Government.

Business intelligence themes will include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Operational Excellence

  • Future Food Industry Innovation

  • Food Safety & Fraud

  • Sustainability

Sunday 28 July 2019 – opens with a strong SME focus at the seminars, with information on new product development, launching a Food & Beverage Business and doing test runs at the Coopers Plains Research Centre.

Monday 29 July 2019 – hosts the FIAQ Food Safety Conference along with on floor presentations on Advanced Manufacturing & Operational Excellence including Government Address, Industry Outlook, Food Factories of the Future and the Industry Leaders Panel discussion on the road ahead.

Tuesday 30 July 2019 – wraps up with a focus on global food & drink trends, innovation opportunities for brands and sustainability & waste insights.

Workshops across the event include:

  • Federal Government – Business Health Check

  • AIFST – Food Recall

  • AIFST – Navigating the Food Regulation Maze

  • AIP – Sustainable Packaging Training Course

Attendees will view the latest equipment and technologies, hear key industry case studies, learn the necessary business intelligence to build competitive advantage, while networking with Australia’s industry leaders. 

Expand your knowledge and attend this year’s FoodTech Qld event.

For more information and pre-registration visit here.

Contact: Jonathan Wilczek

T: 03 9261 4586


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