• Can do approach: Brenton Cunningham, CEO of the restructured Diverseco.
    Can do approach: Brenton Cunningham, CEO of the restructured Diverseco.

The six distinct businesses of industrial measurement and automation operation Diverseco have joined together in a strategic restructure, and will now all operate under the Diverseco brand.

Diverseco had comprised six companies that traded under the brand names AccuWeigh, Robot Technologies-Systems Australia, AccuPak, AccuOnboard, SCACO and Ultrahawke. As from today, 1 July, they are all operating as Diverseco.

Brenton Cunningham, CEO Diverseco said the restructuring was in response to customer feedback, and the recognition that to grow the Diverseco group of companies from a mid-$40 million to a $100 million dollar business would require  major organisational change.


He said, “While our primary business objective has always been to deliver our customers’ good value by combining an understanding of [customer] needs with our team’s problem-solving expertise and the technologies in our portfolio, our customers [nevertheless] often reported that they were unsure as to which operating company to use, and were looking for us to provide an easier way for them to access all our resources.

“The feedback was clear. Our customers wanted us to attain a deeper understanding of their business needs, improved access to our broad skill base, subject matter experts and full scope of solutions.”

“One company could be going out to a customer one day, then another company – even from the same building – goes out to service another part of equipment tomorrow for the same customer. Now we can put those resources together – it’s better for the company and the customer. That is the key thing," he said.


“We have different talents and skills and products in different entities and it was difficult to get that unity. We had to break down those barriers.”


With this key strategic objective in mind, the Diverseco executive committee and board of directors decided that this goal would be best realised by restructuring the organisation, and revitalising its operations, to generate new synergies that would enable the company to employ a unified, whole-of-organisation approach to responding to customer requirements.

The changes have involved each of the business units employing one shared set of operating systems and processes; one shared set of assets and resources; cross-skilling technical teams; adopting one shared mission, one brand and one trading name.

Cunningham said, “The decision to amalgamate each of these companies into one organisation, Diverseco, will enable us to adopt a more proactive, more coordinated response to our customers’ challenges, and the measurement and automation capabilities they need to acquire to remain competitive and forge ahead in the marketplace.”

“In some administrative respects, it remains business as usual for our current customers. Put simply the businesses, including the assets and liabilities, of our wholly-owned subsidiary companies have been transferred to Diverseco. This transfer of business provides for a unified approach to our terms and conditions, policies and practices,” Cunningham added.

The Diverseco group’s multifaceted capabilities and core competencies span all services and products involved in the delivery and ongoing support of weighing and dimensional measurement, robotics automation, end-of-line packaging and product inspection systems.

Originally evolving from the industrial weighing sector, Diverseco has built on its capabilities to become one of Australasia’s leading integrated measurement, packaging and robot automation solutions provider to a broad range of industries.

Since the establishment of AccuWeigh in 1992, the company has grown through mergers and acquisitions to become the international company it is today, with offices and operations in every Australian mainland state, and internationally in New Zealand, Singapore and China.

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