• Detmold Ventures has facilitated the merger of CUPSZ and De Jong Ecocups, which have come together under the CUPSZ brand.
    Detmold Ventures has facilitated the merger of CUPSZ and De Jong Ecocups, which have come together under the CUPSZ brand.

CUPSZ and De Jong Ecocups, leading European producers of cups and cardboard takeaway packaging products, have merged under the CUPSZ brand, with investment from Detmold Ventures, an affiliate company of the Detmold Group.

CUPSZ and De Jong Ecocups – based in the Netherlands - share a common approach to quality, innovation, fast delivery, small runs, and personalised attention, which prompted the two companies to merge.

The new partnership will allow product range expansion, increased operational efficiencies, and increased production volume, supported by the investment and expertise of Detmold Group affiliate Detmold Ventures.

Under the CUPSZ brand, John Holster, founder of De Jong Ecocups, will remain responsible for the daily operations of the De Lier production plant, while Daan and Michiel Willemsz will be responsible for the production plant in Tilburg, in the Netherlands, and the management of both divisions.

“By using each other's resources effectively, it would enable the companies to concentrate on further growth and development, while also learning from Detmold Ventures. This collaboration demonstrates a joint commitment to innovation and growth,” Holster said.

Daan Willemsz, chief executive at CUPSZ, added: "With De Jong Ecocups and the investment from Detmold Ventures, we can realise our joint ambitions to serve our customers better and strengthen our market position in Europe."

The collaboration and merger will improve service delivery and clients will continue to have access to high-quality products and flexible, fast service, while maintaining the trusted customisation and expertise of CUPSZ and De Jong Ecocups, with additional support from Detmold Ventures and its subsidiary Cup & Carry.

Zoe Detmold, chief executive officer of Detmold Ventures and Cup & Carry, said the investment showed confidence in Detmold’s new international partners, along with a commitment to innovation and global growth.

“The international collaboration would also provide a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange between all parties,” Detmold continued.

"Through our investment and support, we are confident that CUPSZ can make an even greater impact on the market, and we can support them with our innovation, manufacturing expertise and global supply chain.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with our new partners and sharing our knowledge and experience, while learning at the same time.”

Thanks to the collaboration, service delivery has improved, while customers can still count on the high-quality products and flexible, fast service they are familiar with, while maintaining the trusted customisation and expertise they are accustomed to.

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