A Polish soft fruit packaging producer has chosen Futamura’s NatureFlex films for the windows in its new world-first soft fruit tray lids, they are biodegradable and plastic-free.

SoFruPak partnered with Marex to develop the new packages, which incorporate cellulose coated cardboard and the compostable NatureFlex film. Thanks to NatureFlex, the entire package is biodegradable and plastic-free – a first for the fruit and vegetable market.

Adam Sikorski of SoFruPak said the company chose NatureFlex because it is independently certified for compostability, and offers the unique properties that the company requires for its lidding and windows.

“The high transparency and gloss of the film give great optical clarity, allowing the consumer to see the quality of the packed fruit inside. The tailored coatings allow the films to protect the fruit from external contamination, as there is no need to perforate.

“The additional product protection from using the film protects the product from crushing and spilling during transportation to store and on the way home,” he said.

According to Andrzej Kornacki, regional sales manager at Futamura, NatureFlex films, which are made from responsibly managed wood pulp, are ideal for fresh fruit packaging.

“In this case, this innovative solution showcases how to combine the demand for comprehensive product protection for hard-to-store produce with easier logistics (more easily stacked), all while providing environmentally responsible packaging.

“Our films are particularly popular with bio and organic brand owners due to their independently certified sustainable credentials and can be found wherever producers, supermarkets and consumers opt for plastic free packaging,” he said.

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