• Picture: Bo Eide.
    Picture: Bo Eide.

Ahead of Saturday’s election, the Boomerang Alliance has called for more action on plastic pollution from the major parties.

The Alliance released its scorecard of the Labor, Liberal and Greens’ plastic pollution policies, with only the Greens achieving top marks in each criteria; Labor was next with partial credit in three categories, and the Liberals last.

“While some good progress has been made on growing recycling by the ALP, Liberals and Greens – there are big gaps on plastic pollution reduction from the major parties. We need a comprehensive plastic pollution program backed up by effective and urgent action plans and funding,” said Jeff Angel, director of the alliance of 48 groups.

Angel cautioned that there is “no time to waste” on the plastic pollution problem.

“Every day that passes as more and more plastic gets into the ocean, the longer the pollution inheritance for future generations. We are seeking action across a range of fronts within 6 months of the new government taking office.

“The full suite of tools from bans, alternative products, financial incentives, new collection systems and community and business mobilisation need to be used,” he said.

The Alliance’s scorecard is below.

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