Sealed Air has launched its digital packaging brand, prismiq, which has a portfolio of solutions for design services, digital printing and smart packaging.

“The future of digital packaging and graphics is here, and prismiq, powered by our digital printing technology is creating value for customers, enabling touchless automation both in our facilities and our customers’ operations, and making sustainability for packaging real,” said Ted Doheny, president and CEO of Sealed Air. 

The prismiq brand offers three solution categories:

  • Smart Packaging: prismiq eliminates waste and excess packaging while enhancing products and customer engagement. Sealed Air’s end-to-end cloud-based platform generates package-specific digital IDs that collect and manage data along the value chain.
  • Design Services: Sealed Air designs packaging made to be connected for brand owners. The team of nearly 200 design specialists work with customers around the world to create custom graphics, design new concepts, and conduct performance testing.
  • Digital Printing: Sealed Air systems can run multiple designs on a single order, print serialised/digitised codes and images that are package-specific, and allow customers to have flexible order quantities, as well as faster turnaround times. 

“With your smart phone, prismiq will allow you to see inside the package. Through the Sealed Air Mark, multiple data signatures can be transmited to your phone, such as QR, bar codes, RFID, recycling codes, date and time stamps, enhancing the human experience,” explained Sergio Pupkin, chief growth and strategy officer at Sealed Air.

Sealed Air has invested approximately $100 million in digital transformation, including its most recent development – the prismiq 5540, which the company said is “the world’s largest, fastest, flexible digital printing system”. 

“Sealed Air prismiq offers a one-stop, integrated approach to make packaging brilliant. We are embedding digital printing capabilities within our manufacturing operations, our customers’ operations and bringing packaging to life in consumers’ homes,” said Carrie Giaimo, executive director of smart packaging and design at Sealed Air.

The company says the new system is capable of wide web, high-speed, full-colour (including metallics and invisible ink), and double-sided digital printing on flexible and shrinkable materials.

Graphic explaining how using the Sealed Air Mark will allow you to see inside a package through multiple data signatures.

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