• Armin Wille (r) and his colleague Werner Ageling from Kleve talk about
packaging alternatives in their very own TV studio. Image: KHS Group
    Armin Wille (r) and his colleague Werner Ageling from Kleve talk about packaging alternatives in their very own TV studio. Image: KHS Group

To promote and strengthen interaction with customers, KHS has established its digital format Technical Talks, and is expanding its Reliable Services activities to better inform customers of its current developments and latest machine technology.

KHS's Technical Talks is already a fixed feature in communications between the company and its customers – and, says KHS, come as close to a real live discussion as possible. 

The idea has gradually developed from the initial events that informed customers about topics such as the discontinuation of control components, and new service products for KHS Kisters packaging machines.

On the platform, new webinars are staged on a regular basis as live events. In these sessions, lasting 60 minutes each, KHS experts present various products and conversions, focusing on the respective highlights and benefits. 

In several feedback sessions, an intensive exchange of information with customers is then sought in order to clarify specific requirements and directly answer any questions in talks – or digital chats. 

“Our virtual events have long ceased to be an emergency measure limited to the pandemic. Rather, they form an independent platform that’s constantly evolving and keeps its options open when it comes to presenting our customers with attractive issues that go above and beyond KHS’ extensive range of services,” said Armin Wille, head of service sales at KHS.

One pertinent topic at the moment is environmentally-friendly packaging, which concerns ways of cutting carbon emissions, or the conversions needed to implement the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive, among other things. 

Issues that are of crucial importance to the customers themselves are integrated into the event to ensure that a genuine dialog can develop. This includes part discontinuation across the entire KHS portfolio, for instance, the technical solutions to which are discussed directly where possible. 

The concept has been designed for global use right from the start, whereby the individual events take place regionally owing to the time difference. 

Technical Talks have already been held with PepsiCo in Asia, for San Miguel in the Philippines, with Heineken in Nigeria, and in Brazil for the entire South American Coca-Cola network. 

Since the launch about two years ago, over 40 Technical Talks have taken place.

“In view of the great interest we’ve had, we’re now going to successively expand the program, so that we can offer our customers an even more extensive service,” concluded Wille.

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