• The AIFST convention will run three days of seminars addressing hot topics in food and packaging.
    The AIFST convention will run three days of seminars addressing hot topics in food and packaging.

The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) will be hosting a series of seminars, some of them packaging-related, in Sydney's Darling Harbour alongside Foodpro in less than three weeks.

This year’s theme is The Future of Food, and here are some of the packaging highlights to expect from 17-19 July:

  • Sealed Air's Matthew Fenech will be speaking on 'The future of packaging: Trends driving the next wave of innovation'.
  • The CSIRO's Dr Roman Buckow will address the use of high-value functional ingredients using extrusion porosification technology (EPT) including 3D ink technology.
  • Dr Paul Gurr from the University of Melbourne will be speaking on 'Packaging for export: guaranteeing food safety',
  • The Result Group's Michael Dossor will address anti-counterfeiting with his talk on "innovating to keep ahead of the pack".

Mintel's Justin Nel will also be addressing the topic of understanding the iGeneration and Millennials.

Food processing-related sessions will cover the consumer of the future; future technologies and innovations advancing the food industry; managing emerging threats and vulnerabilities; navigating the export and regulatory market; and insights into current scientific research that will underpin next 50 years of the Australian food industry.

Food & Drink Business

It was a full house at Melbourne’s Arts Centre for the annual Food & Drink Business + PKN LIVE breakfast forum, where guests, speakers and an industry panel shared methods, insights and discussions on what it means to be a brave brand.

Kellogg’s Australia has announced a partnership with B2B marketplace Yume, to help reduce food waste from its manufacturing processes. It is the first Australian manufacturer to do so.

Media reports from Singapore claim its government will introduce health warnings on packaging and ban advertising for sugary drinks across all media platforms, including online and social media.