Two innovations on the market aim to help reduce food waste and solve fresh produce labelling issues with laser technology and a resealable label-free top film.

Laser printing on produce

A laser branding system can mark produce without affecting the food.

EcoMark Natural Branding laser systems can mark single items or entire boxes or cases of fresh produce.

The laser removes only the pigments of the outer layer without affecting the food while maintaining the quality and shelf life of the branded food item. Labelling times are possible in as little as 0.3 seconds per logo, according to a statement from EcoMark, represented in this market by Result Group.

The new software allows a different product setting to be configured easily. This ensures optimal results and extends product shelf life, according to EcoMark. Marking takes place on the fly without stopping and the EcoMark Natural Branding laser machines can mark logos, QR codes, text, barcodes and more.

Smilesys top film

Another innovation for food and produce is the Smilesys range, which includes Smile 2Lite, which the company calls the first resealable, label-free top film for trays made of plastic, cardboard, and cellulose.

The company said the film keeps foodstuff fresh and crisp while preventing food waste due to spoilage after opening without the heavy and costly plastic lids of additional packaging and labelling.

The Smilesys film is supplied in reels, which can reduce storage space requirements. In Australia the technology is available through Result Group of Companies.

The company said: “Fresh produce is a key area where primary producers currently packing in a clamshell type container are able to move to a base tray only with Smile 2Lite reseal film and simply realise the savings in packaging cost whilst ticking the environmental box with less materials used.”

The film can be either traditionally hole punched, or laser perforated to manage respiration rates of different produce types and a tamper evidence seal can also be integrated into the packaging.


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