NZ brand The Collective has launched its yoghurt range in Australia with a tweaked pack design that aims to celebrate its locally-made credentials.


The three-strong product range, which carry the company's signature black lid, is being produced and packaged in partnership with Camperdown Dairy in the Victorian town of the same name.


The company's NZ designer – phd3 – has used to company's fun, quirky, educational branding, but with Australian native animals.


“The packaging really brings our brand to life, and connects to consumers and to mums,” The Collective's Australian director Jason Manos says.


The Collective was founded in 2009 by two NZ chefs Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav. The pair trialled an exported product in Australia in 2012, but the business model proved too expensive. Producing the product locally solved this problem and also enables the company to support local farmers, Manos says.


“We have now come back with a localised model and are super excited about what we can bring consumers.”


The Collective's products include a tub yoghurt called Straight Up, which is a creamy probiotic yoghurt that is made from single-origin jersey milk. The pack uses an in-mould label, a decision driven by company's strong sustainability focus.


The Organic Suckies range was designed for children. The products include real fruit served in a portable pouch with a child-friendly cap. To support recycling in Australia, The Collective has partnered with REDcycle Australia for a green disposal option for used and cleaned Suckies pouches.


The company's Super Kefir 13 is a cultured drinking yoghurt that includes a blend of 13 live cultures. Super Kefir 13 comes in an opaque bottle to boost shelf life, and its flavours include unsweetened, Blueberry, and Mango Turmeric, and all RRP for $6.00 for 700g.


The unsweetened variety of Straight Up has an RRP of $6.50 for 900g, while the fruited versions, Blackberry + Boysenberry, Strawberry, Mango, have an RRP of $7.00 for 700g. Organic Suckies include Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry flavours and RRP for $1.50 for 70g.


Their brand is now fastest growing yoghurt brand in the United Kingdom, according to The Collective, and is also being exported to Asia.


“At the moment, we are focusing on getting product quality and our consumer offering right in Australia and then expanding from there,” Manos says. "Then we will  look to innovation and what we can do around growing the brand and growing the category.”


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