Marinucci, a food packaging specialist, is offering help to restaurants and cafés that have been affected by the Covid-19 shutdowns over the past six weeks.

Marinucci is offering no minimum order for its food packaging, a $10 delivery fee for metropolitan areas, and same-day dispatch for online orders.

The company, headquartered in NSW, said that with the increased awareness of health and hygiene and the rise in home contactless delivery services, pick-up and drive-thru, customers will begin to favour the relative safety and security offered by good packaging.

David Marinucci, CEO at Marinucci, said, “Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring food is properly protected in the journey from kitchen to consumer. Should the packaging be tamper-evident? Can items be pre-packed for customers to walk in and grab them? How can a foodservice operator ensure the dishes arrive safely to a customer? Once the food is at the customer’s home, does it need to be microwaved, reheated, frozen or kept airtight? These are the types of questions a chef or café owner needs to answer as they make their packaging decisions, as they can greatly affect the freshness of the food, and customer experience.

“In the past few months, we have seen the foodservice industry pivot into a takeaway sector. Chefs and café owners need to think about packaging and how it can assist their business and become part of their offering. It’s not just about protecting the freshness, temperature of the food and minimising food waste. It is also about providing packaging that is fit for purpose and can easily be recycled,” Marinucci said.

Marinucci said he thinks the future holds more home delivery and pick up for restaurants and cafés.

“Consumers are enjoying the convenience and speed of delivery and those businesses with healthy, high quality, take-away options who can replicate the dine-in experience will see additional opportunities for their business,” he said.

“Our job will be to continue to innovate and offer solutions to protect the freshness of the food, whilst supporting the chef and café owners, and of course, making it a wonderful experience for consumers,” Marinucci concludes.

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