• PIDA 2022: Gold - Food Packaging Design of the Year
    PIDA 2022: Gold - Food Packaging Design of the Year
  • PIDA 2022: Bronze - Food Packaging Design of the Year
    PIDA 2022: Bronze - Food Packaging Design of the Year
  • PIDA 2022: Silver - Food Packaging Design of the Year
    PIDA 2022: Silver - Food Packaging Design of the Year

The Food Packaging Design of the Year award recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within food packaging and processing including fresh, frozen or other sectors.

The awards ceremony took place in Gold Coast during Foodtech Qld, with the presentation co-hosted by AIP executive director Nerida Kelton and PKN publisher Lindy Hughson, who provided commentary on the various categories.

On the Food Packaging Design category, she said, "With the majority of all packaging manufactured destined for the food sector, and food brands themselves facing stiff competition on shelf, this is a category that always delivers a high level of innovation. In a world where the problem of food waste has catapulted into the spotlight, and where food provenance is ever more important from a traceability perspective, packaging design is factoring in how to deliver food that is safe, with a proven supply chain provenance, in a package that maintains its integrity on shelf for the longest possible time, while delivering on sustainability goals and still optimising shelf impact. That’s no small order, but this year’s finalists have lived up to the task."

Judges awarded two high commendations, one to Auspouch for its Frutmac Zippmatic 100% Paperboard Foodtainer, and one to Nestlé Australia for the Nestlé Easter Egg packaging range.

A bronze award went to Huhtamaki Australia for its Maggi Recipe Base Mono-PP Sachet; while a silver award to Opal for its Cadbury Roses limited edition Mother’s Day chocolate box.

Topping the category, Caps & Closures won gold for its ThermoShield Temperature Monitoring System for Food.

ThermoShield packaging safeguards cool and cold chain products by monitoring temperature through the entire process, using thermochromic materials designed to change colour when the temperature of a product changes. This is useful in transport and warehousing because the ‘over temperature’ stock can be clearly seen.

Traceability of any product is enhanced when temperature excursions are detected, and the level of resolution can be macro (container temperature), down to discrete (the individual product) packaging.

As a smart packaging application, ThermoShield products ensure there is no overheating of perishable food and temperature-sensitive items in transit and in storage; which is a major cause of food spoilage, loss and waste. Using the locking function available, a record of overheating is permanent and will be identified after a long road or sea shipment. Stock can easily be sorted to remove damaged product prior to warehousing or stocking shelves.

Food & Drink Business

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