• Jet Technologies says it is expanding its BIB offerings in response to market demand.
    Jet Technologies says it is expanding its BIB offerings in response to market demand.

Jet Technologies is expanding its bag-in-box (BIB) packaging offering and expertise, which it says is in response to double-digit growth in demand from Australian food and beverage companies.

Albert Malki, managing director Jet Technologies, says the company experienced strong growth in its BIB division, adding that this is due to its flexibility to meet market needs for custom or specific spouts for bag filling machines. 

“BIB packaging is growing in popularity due to its volume efficiency, lower footprint, cost effectiveness, optimal storage and transport and with good barrier properties for longer shelf life, which reduces the requirement for preservatives in foods,” he said.

BIB packaging is available as both aseptic packaging, which offers a bacteria free multi-barrier that retains the long-term product quality and storage of non-refrigerated food products, as well as non-aseptic packaging for food products that have a shorter shelf life or are free of bacteria.

Jet Technologies says access to this range of packaging options also enables F&B companies to sell to overseas markets and gain greater flexibility and cost savings within their production processes, right through to distribution and shelf life.

BIB packaging products are commonly used today for water, fruit juices, coffee, tea, beer, concentrates, right through to food products such as soft serve ice-cream mix, dairy creams and cheeses, custard, pudding, soup, broth, sauces, fruit and vegetable purees and pulp.

“Examples of the wide variety of applications for BIB packaging includes a leading dairy company that is using high-barrier 10- and 20-kilogram bags that are frozen and exported in large volume to a number of markets across Asia,” Malki said.

“Other examples are a prominent juice company that packs its orange and apple juice in 1000-litre double membrane technology aseptic bags and one of Australia’s largest apple and pear puree companies packing 220- or 1000-litre aseptic bags with a liquid discharge valve.

“Additionally, liquid eggs too are packed in bulk in 10- to 1000-litre bags to accommodate for the needs of food and cake producers across Australia,” he said.

Jet Technologies offers a full range of BIB packaging from 2 litres to 1500 litres in a wide variety of film structures and spouts options.

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