Freedom Foods has launched its brand Vital Life with an immune boosting product, using a shot format for its packaging, supplied by Amcor NZ. It has a bend, snap and squeeze call to action for consumers to use the product with ease.

The Vital Life Immune Shot delivers a pure form of Lactoferrin with vitamin C. It aims to weaken viruses and bacteria while “stimulating immune system cells”.

The shot packaging was supplied by Amcor NZ, while printers Caxton were the source for the secondary packaging. The majority of the materials used to produce Vital Life Immune Shot are recyclable, excluding the outer, tamper evident shrink wrap, which has been used to protect consumers.

Freedom Foods marketing manager Raelene Fanning told PKN the team chose to use the shot packaging over a standard sachet because it was innovative and helped to establish the Vital Life brand.

“Bringing innovation to the market either though ingredient (Lactoferrin) or packaging (shot format) was critically important in helping to position the new Vital Life brand,” said Fanning.

“We’ve dedicated an entire side panel of packaging to clearly show the ease of use – bend, snap and squeeze.  We’ve also included this messaging into all of our communications.”

The shot packaging uses less than 80 per cent PET for the hard plastic and has a Resin Identification Code of 1, while the soft laminate uses less than 20 per cent LPDE, and has a Resin Identification Code of 4, both of which are recyclable. 

Fanning said the team wanted to create a strong and contemporary brand mark for the packaging inspired by the ‘V’, which aims to “give the sense of open arms and empowerment, the feeling we get when we’ve achieved something great”.

“We had so much fun developing this brand and the logo,” she said.

“Everyone who sees the brand mark has their own interpretation of it, which is also really nice.”

Vital Life Immune Shot is now available from RRP $22.50.

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