Dairy firm Alpura has become the first Mexican company to use Ecolean’s aseptic flexible packaging for its products.

Alpura’s Media Crema cooking cream range, including 125ml and 200ml packs, are being sold in Ecolean Air Aseptic pouches. These pouches contain up to 35 per cent chalk, meaning less plastic is used, and are billed as easy to use – customers can tear and open the stand-up pouches, and use the air-filled handles for pouring.

According to Alejandra Villarreal, marketing director at Alpura, the Ecolean pouches reinforce Alpura’s reputation for quality.

“We are known for our innovation and quality – not only on a product level, but also on providing the consumer a great experience.

“We tested several packages and Ecolean was a perfect fit because the package provides that same quality experience Alpura consumers know and trust,” she said.

Andreas Jeppsson, regional director of Ecolean Americas, said Alpura provided a great introduction for its pouches into Mexico.

“We are proud to work with Alpura and introduce Ecolean packages to the Mexican market.

“Now, consumers will experience the benefits of our lightweight, easy-to-use packages in their own kitchens with Alpura’s Media Crema,” he said.

Alpura sells more than 100 products, and processes around 3.5 million litres of milk every day. New Zealand dairy manufacturer Tatua has also recently employed Ecolean pouches for its specialty cream range.

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