• New lid for Mr P, by Sonoco. IMAGE: Pringles / Kellogg's Australia
    New lid for Mr P, by Sonoco. IMAGE: Pringles / Kellogg's Australia

Snack brand Pringles has had a change to the packaging of its 53g varieties, with the plastic cap removed and replaced with a foil laminate seal, made by Sonoco.

Although the foil seal is non-recyclable, the removal of the plastic lid is expected to see a 48 per cent reduction in plastic on each 53g pack, with 26 tonnes of plastic waste removed annually in Australia, says brand owner Kellogg’s Australia.

The company confirms that the seal lid is comprised of a multi-layer laminate structure (PET, paper, LDPE, MPET and PE), has undergone numerous tests conducted to ensure its  “strength and improved durability”.

Kavita Desai, Kellogg’s Australia’s brand manager, Snacks said, “This is a promising first step as we continue to innovate and implement new ways to be sustainable with our packaging across the board. 

"While it may seem like a small change, it will have a positive impact on our environment. We can’t wait to see Aussies popping open their favourite Pringles can with the new and improved seal, while still enjoying the classic Mr P flavours.”

Coles has started stocking the lidless Pringles 53g Sour Cream and Onion variety. The lidless 53g Original variety will be available from August.

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