• Image from Andrew Bloch on Twitter
    Image from Andrew Bloch on Twitter

Packaging for Cadbury Dairy Milk bars in the UK has gone blank, with the brand ‘donating its words’ to an aged support charity.

The campaign for Age UK aims to highlight the fact that 1.4 million older people in the UK struggle with loneliness, with 225,000 often going an entire week without speaking to anyone. The campaign encourages Brits to ‘donate their words’ by reaching out to older people in their communities, said Laura Gray, brand manager at Cadbury parent company Mondelez.

“We’re so proud to announce this partnership and to be supporting Age UK – it’s such an important charity that is really tackling the issue of loneliness. We are donating the words from our bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk and encouraging people up and down the country to donate theirs through small gestures that could really help change the lives of older people,” she said.

The Cadbury brand retains its well-known purple colour scheme for the campaign, and Steve Jackson of Schawk, who spoke about the importance of colour for branding at Print21 + PKN LIVE this year, says it highlights how vital colour consistency is.

“Cadbury’s colour is such an iconic heritage brand. They own that colour, and that’s why they’ve been able to do this and still have the bars be recognisably Cadbury.

“It’s similar to the Share a Coke campaign, where Coca-Cola were able to replace the branding on packaging with different names and still have their product be recognisable,” he said.

30p from each limited edition bar sold will also go to support Age UK.

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