As the temperature rises, summer is a good time to consider thermo-chillers for your plant, according to APPMA member SMC.

SMC supplies a range of smart thermo-chillers in a variety of sizes, which – according to Guiomar Fernandez, product marketing manager for SMC ANZ – offers proactive control, improved performance, and world-class service.

“With things heating up in Australia and New Zealand, now is the perfect time to order a thermo-chiller for your plant. Industries making use of heat generating devices, such as machine tooling, printing, and packaging, are at risk of high rejection rates, poor product quality, and a lack of overall process reliability,” said Fernandez.

When properly sized and selected, says Fernandez, thermo-chillers improve product quality, protect process equipment, and reduce costs; SMC’s thermo-chillers are also Industry 4.0 compatible, he adds.

“Correct temperature control is vital for productivity. Thanks to proactive controls via a remote control, these units offer self-diagnosis readings so that customers can anticipate and easily manage any incidents,” he said.

SMC’s thermo-chiller range includes the environmentally resistant HRS-R Series and the rack-mounted HRR Series. The company says its high-level triple inverter chillers adapt to variable heat and flow requirements to achieve power savings of up to 53 per cent.

Add-ons such as flow switches, pressure switches, filters, fittings, and tubing are also available to order.

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