For companies exploring ways to introduce automation, a palletiser is a great option to help increase productivity while lowering input costs.

Robotic palletisers are a standard industry solution, but, they have traditionally required high initial investment and high ongoing programming costs. They need programming every time a new product, package size, or pallet configuration is required or as the business grows.

Enter the simPAL Palletising System by Australis Engineering. The simPAL system easily palletises cartons, bags, drums, and more. Key to simPAL is the integrated palletising simulation software and the smart, pre-engineered modular equipment tiles. Australis developed simPAL software to allow users to reconfigure their product type, dimensions and pallet configuration without external assistance. Australis designed a modular equipment solution based on 10 pre-engineered tiles for the robot, conveyors, pallet stackers, wrapper, and other options. The elegance of this system is that it easily permits the whole palletising cell to be reconfigured or expanded quickly and without complex programming. simPAL makes your palletising future proof.

Need further versatility? simPAL Robotic Palletisers are available with either a traditional robot with 110kg to 450kg capacity or a simPAL Mini Cobot Palletiser with 12kg capacity onto a standard 1165mm pallet.

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Food & Drink Business

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