• The Ilpra R12 filling and dosing machine.
    The Ilpra R12 filling and dosing machine.

Jet Technologies has launched a new high-productivity filling and dosing machine in Australia and New Zealand.

The Ilpra Fill Seal R12/4 Tronic rotary filler and sealer features up to 12 stations that precisely fill denestable cups, making it suitable for applications including dairy, dips, desserts, soups, condiment sauces and yoghurt products.

“Supermarkets are demanding new products each and every year, and food manufacturers now need to find ways to innovate. However, with a fixed production profile this can be difficult,” said Daniel Malki, general manager, Jet Technologies.

“The Ilpra R12 filling machine is the next step towards achieving a flexible future-proofed technology with the speed to produce efficiently.”

The Ilpra R12 can process up to 9000 cups per hour with an accuracy of plus or minus one percent, and its modular design means it can be customised to suit each manufacturer’s individual needs.

“Ilpra has a strong reputation for cup fill seal supply in Australia through Jet Technologies, and this new machine is the strongest offering for the local market to date,” said Malki. “Jet Technologies has high expectations that this machine will allow food manufacturers to build solutions to meet the rapidly changing tastes of Australian consumers.”

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