An Indian winery has turned to compressed air solutions from Elgi to automate its production processes, praising their speedy and high-quality output.

Sula Wines, which operates two wineries in Karnataka and Maharashtra, sells more than 20 varieties of wines and has a total capacity of 12 million litres. It employs Elgi compressed air technology across the winemaking process, from harvesting to bottling. “Compressed air helps Sula maintain the quality and speed of production to meet the demands of a growing business,” said Tom Fyfe, president of Elgi Australia.

“The harvested grapes are sorted and then taken to the winery where they are de-stemmed and crushed with the help of pneumatic equipment.

“Filling machines are also powered by pneumatic valves with compressed air to lift the bottle and fill it to the desired limit. The filled bottles are then transported through a conveyor belt to another section where the bottle caps are closed through a pneumatic operation,” he said.

A Sula representative gave Elgi’s products, which the company has used for 15 years, a thumbs-up, saying they ensure high quality processes. “With these compressors, we can speed up production, minimise waste and ensure we get the same quality product in every batch of wine we produce at the winery.”

Elgi recently purchased Australian company FR Pulford and Son, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary Advanced Air Compressors. According to Fyfe, Australia exports more than 750 million litres per year, with only 40 per cent of Australian wine production consumed domestically. He believes automation, especially with compressed air, is a good way to ensure accuracy and speed in wine production.

“We are here to service the market by delivering exceptional service matched by high quality products. Our compressed air and on-site nitrogen generation is well-known in Australia,” he said.

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