A large Chinese Dairy company has purchased a further two Sacmi Compression Blow Forming (CBF) systems to produce its aseptic PE bottles.

Following an in-depth analysis comparing extrusion blow moulding, the traditional manufacturing platform for dairy containers, the high-ranking company chose the Sacmi CBF machines to produce the container for its pasteurised product.

The benefits of CBF were reduced cycle time to seven seconds, a container weight of 15.5g compared to 19g for traditional EBM (extrusion blow moulding), zero scrap (eliminating the potential for contamination), and lower energy costs.


The customer's investment decision was also determined by process repeatability and improvement in container quality, particularly in the neck finish sealing area.

Another benefit compared to traditional EBM manufacture was the elimination of the internal sealing beads (weld lines) which meant greater resistance to the elevated temperatures and pressures typical of the pasteurisation processes.

Sacmi is represented in Australia by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.

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