With the pandemic showing signs of receding, in Australasia at least, manufacturing has been given a green light and companies are accelerating production.

The need for a reliable supplier in times where many have limited stock and on hand is critical to the success of business.

Bonfiglioli ANZ managing director Martin Broglia said the company is ready to meet the demand, with a $10million stockholding on site locally, backed by a team of local technical experts supprting customers across a wide range of industries.

“Since our inception in the local market, Bonfiglioli has made a name for ourselves in the gearbox game,” he said.

Broglia said during these difficult times when customers need to ramp up and make up for lost time, Bonfiglioli is available to give support

“The last thing they need is a production line standing still due to a lack of spare parts or delayed product supply, and this is where we come in,” he said.

“We service local companies from various industries such as wastewater treatment, fruit growers, sugar, timber, food processing and the heavy-duty industry. One of our strengths has always been our wide range of products. We offer a wide selection of reliable, quality products across the gearbox range.”

The company’s founder, Clementino Bonfiglioli designed the first worm gear (VF series) to be supplied to major packaging companies in 1988.

“Today, what makes us unique is that we offer not only worm units but also both helical bevels as well as planetary units to deliver a complete range of products to the local market,” Broglia said.

He said the company can also take on more complex jobs that require additional design and engineering thanks to its design department.

In its efforts to deliver improved customer satisfaction, Broglia also said the company now runs regular customer satisfaction surveys.

“We believe that our service quality should match our product quality. For this reason, we listen to our customers. Our offices are equipped with the people, skills and product required by our customers”.

Food & Drink Business

Fine Food Australia has cancelled its 2020 trade show due to the reintroduction of stage three COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria. The show was scheduled to take place from 7-10 September in Melbourne.

Freedom Foods Group has advised the ASX that its voluntary trading halt will remain in place until 30 October while it investigates its financial position.

Bega Cheese has announced the reduction and consolidation of its processed cheese production, with 74 jobs to go at its Bega facility by Christmas.