Beumer Group will exhibit its expertise in conveying, loading, palletising and packaging of building materials and (petro)chemical products at Powtech in Nuremberg at the end of the month.

The powder and bulk solids processing and analytics trade fair is to run from 30 September to 1 October.

In a statement, Beumer said the exhibition would be different this year. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now called Powtech Special Edition and takes place over the course two instead of three days.

At its booth, Beumer said it would provide information on, among other things, the optimal design of conveying systems and complete packaging lines for both the building material and the (petro)chemical industry.

Beumer said its overland conveyors and pipe conveyors can transport various bulk materials – even over long distances and through rough terrain.

The company also offers bulk-loading heads designed according to a double-wall system – the material inlet and dedusting unit are separated from each other. In order to balance out any minor positional deviations of the vehicle, the bulk-loading head can be moved laterally during placement.

In Nuremberg, Beumer said it would also provide information on its loading and unloading systems for bags, able to handle railway wagons and ships quickly with minimal dust emissions and without loss of bulk goods.

The modular design of Beumer’s systems enable precisely tailored systems for many different requirements, the company said.

Additionally, the Beumer Autopac loads bagged bulk materials automatically onto a truck bed and simultaneously palletises them. Beumer said the machine is also suitable for paper valve bags, HDPE valve bags and PP valve bags.

For high-capacity packaging lines, Beumer offers different palletising systems, depending on the packaged items. The Beumer Paletpac is suited best for bagged bulk material. This system palletises even sensitive and valuable products as well as products with special flow characteristics. Depending on the product requirements, these palletisers can be equipped with a clamp-type or twin-belt turning device which turns the filled bags quickly into the required position for stacking, ensuring their dimensional stability without any deformations.

Products for the (petro)chemical and consumer goods industries are filled in special bags, barrels, canisters, cartons or buckets. To palletise them, Beumer offers its space-saving articulated robot, the Beumer Robotpac.

And, when packaged items have been stacked accurately on pallets, the Beumer Stretch Hood is waiting. This machine covers the palletised goods with a stretchable film, ensuring the merchandise is protected against the environment while it is en-route to its destination.

Beumer Group is a member of the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA).

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