Beumer commissions system from over 4000kms

Packaging systems provider Beumer Group was recently hit with a new dilemma when a planned commissioning could not be carried out due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. But thanks to digitisation, it was able to undertake “remote commissioning” from over 4000km away.

This marks the first time Beumer Group has commissioned a complete packaging line, including palletiser, 100 per cent remotely.

“The trigger was clearly the pandemic, however, this is not the only scenario that requires Beumer's new service remote commissioning,” explained Peter Teichrib, Engineering department manager at Beumer.

“Everything that makes personal access to systems and users difficult or impossible requires new solutions,” he said.

Beumer initially launched remote commissioning as a pilot project with cement manufacturer Norm LLC in Azerbaijan, and according to Teichrib, several conditions had to have been met before the service would even be considered.

“With this system, we had carried out an extended in-house commissioning, as the Beumer paletpac 5000 was running with the new PLC S7-1500 for the first time,” Teichrib continued.

“We also recommend to supply the Beumer stretch hood with the film tested in advance. This way, possible differences in film quality can be excluded as a source of problems during commissioning.“

Teichrib also says another thing to consider for a successful remote commissioning is that in general, the customer needs qualified maintenance and operating personnel who is already familiar with Beumer systems.

On the hardware side, several IP cameras were used to provide the necessary overview of the complete system, while Beumer Smart Glasses connect the group experts audio-visually to the user on site.

Both devices make up part of Beumer’s plug-and-play set for remote commissioning, which also includes a WLAN router for the smart glasses and a VPN client installed on an mGuard router.

“The data glasses allow a detailed view, which allows the client to see the same thing as the wearer on-site and can directly specify the correct actions to be taken. In this way, the user is guided step-by-step through the commissioning process,” Teichrib said.

“Within a very short time, we were able to develop a concept that will guide us safely and reliably through future remote commissioning projects.

“Standardised processes enable us to eliminate sources of error and offer our customers a reliable service – quickly and flexibly.”

Teichrib credits the remote commissioning of the packaging line at Norm LLC as confirmation that with adequate framework conditions, such as well-trained maintenance personanel and technically high-quality IT equipment, new ground in the commissioning space can be broken.

Beumer Group is a member of the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA).

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