• Cutting edge: Stefan Axelsson (centre) makes it official along with colleagues Drew Hoxey (left) and Les Wall.
    Cutting edge: Stefan Axelsson (centre) makes it official along with colleagues Drew Hoxey (left) and Les Wall.

Safety systems manufacturer Axelent has moved into its new 1400-square-metre premises in Melrose Park, Adelaide, to accommodate its growing product range. Owner and export manager Stefan Axelsson was in Adelaide to open the new facility, and spoke exclusively to PKN.

Since 1990, Axelent has supplied modular-designed safety guarding and cable tray systems to the global market. The company set up in Australia through an agent 15 years ago, and, according to Axelsson, its growth since fuelled its direct entry into the region.

“We now have grown to the point where we have our own office here that manages Australia and New Zealand and they have developed an extensive distributor network that works with us,” said Axelsson. “Axelent also has an established agent that we work with in New Zealand.”

The new facility is a significant step up from Axelent’s previous premises, according to Axelsson, who adds that as the previous agent was located in Adelaide, the city “picked Axelent” rather than the other way around.

“We moved into a double-sized warehouse in Adelaide. The old building was quite low, and this facility is much better – it can store double the size of product, which means better service to our Australian customers,” he said. “With our ever-expanding product range of X-Tray Cable Trays, Axelent Machine Guarding, and the recent introduction of the new McCue Forklift Barriers, the timing is right to move to a better facility and location.

“The move ensures that Axelent can now offer a larger range of Axelent products with shorter lead times for orders for the Australia and New Zealand markets, and house the growing team and the larger range of products we are now offering in the region in Australia and New Zealand. It is also a great location for deliveries to cities like Sydney or Melbourne.”

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