Graph-Pak has installed close to 120 high-speed industrial-quality Autobond laminators in Australia and New Zealand over the past 12 years.

A new Autobond machine promises to roll three finishing processes into one, saving time and money.

The Autobond TPH SUV F series has capacity for lamination, digital spot UV, and foiling in the one machine.

According to Tom Ralph, managing director of Graph-Pak, the series can achieve speeds of up to 60 metres per minute, and is compatible with substrates sized from A4 to B1 and as thick as 700gsm.

“This technology not only saves the end users massive amounts of labour and time in turnarounds, it also offers very fast make-ready,” Ralph said.

“You can now laminate single or two sides in one pass, spot UV print, and apply foil over the UV ink for the embossed look or for flat foil spot work,” he said.

Roll to roll versions are available as well as the options of inline magnet application, floor graphics, inline servo cross cutter, reel feed, and reel to reel.

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