The company behind Kettle chips asked Tweak Design to come up with a premium look for its new range of popcorn.

Offering a range of toppings, the popcorn launch leverages the "handcrafted" look Kettle is known for.

Manufactured by Snack Brands, Kettle Popcorn offers Australian corn kernels popped "the Kettle way", according to the company, with flavours of Sea Salt, Salted Caramel, and Honey & Butter.

Tweak used bold ingredient imagery, playful typography and hand drawn elements, giving the design shelf standout and appetite appeal.

The design blends rustic and hand-drawn elements with bold ingredient imagery that engages consumers.

Unlike the Kettle potato chip range, the typography features the script style more prominently to reflect the sweeter flavours and lighter personality of popcorn.

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