Sydney studio Tweak has developed a vibrant packaging design for the new Ayam Hawker Market sauce range, aiming to emulate a street food feel across each flavour pack.

Ayam asked the team at Tweak to capture the growing appetite for street food on the new sauce range pouches. The design uses food photography set in a “scene straight out of the markets of Asia”. 

Tweak senior design Shane King told PKN that the product promise of an authentic Asian market taste is secured through the large Ayam branding on the red wall paint.

“Authentic taste and premium quality have become an expectation of what has previously been seen as a compromise for convenience product,” King said.

“The pouch format in sauces has become prevalent in recent years and is popular among consumers due to its ease of use, and minimal waist in comparison to jars. It also increases front face real estate on shelf due to its flat rectangular form.”

“Ayam Hawker Market will stand out in this category in comparison as the design is in stark contrast to the category norms set up to convey premium quality and authentic taste. Unlike its competitors, Ayam Hawker Market is vibrant, energetic and colourful.”

There are four flavour varieties in the Ayam Hayam Market range – Malaysian Char Kway Teow, Indonesian Mee Goreng, Pad Thai and Thai Pad See Ew – which will soon be rolling out in supermarkets around the country.

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