Sydney's Saltmine Design Group drew on cues from the sports nutrition category to create a new visual identity for a healthy oil brand.

Melrose Health Group wanted to bring relevance to the look of its Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil range, which claims to offer beneficial nutrients through fats which boost the metabolism and improve the immune system.

Melrose MCT Oil is naturally derived from coconuts.
The Saltmine team helped develop a new pack design which communicates that Melrose MCT Oil delivers sustained energy via a natural source using double entendres:

There are three SKUs in the range:
·       MCT Original ('Give me a kick-start')
·       MCT Pro Plus ('Make me go longer')
·       MCT Pro Rapid (Get me going faster').

Saltmine researched the sports nutrition market and incorporated visual codes from the category into the new identity.

This can be seen through the bold colour blocking, simple fonts, and use of icons to list product benefits.

The on-pack copy, created by Saltmine, speaks to the benefits of the product and works as an education piece for consumers.

Globally, the MCT products market is predicted to grow by six per cent over the next four years, and Australia looks to follow suit with increasing competition emerging in the market.
In addition to the new pack design, Saltmine created a benefit-driven message to help consumers better understand how to use MCT oil. 

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