Packaging design agency Percept has been working with Unilever to refresh the design and packaging across its range of Rexona deodorants.

Zac McCall, account director at Percept, tells PKN that the overall directive for the brief was to solidify Rexona’s existing brand image across its Advanced Protection, Track/Stretch and Clinical Protection personal care line extensions.


Expanding on the design approach for Unilever’s Rexona Advanced Protection brand, McCall said that it needed to portray “freshness” in a way that was highly recognisable and would jump on shelf.

“Because of its reputation, the brand itself is bold and dynamic and the ingredients needed to be treated in the same way to deliver punch in store. It was important that the range sat comfortably within the existing design framework for the greater Rexona range” he said.


McCall explained that the design concept for Unilever’s Rexona Clinical Protection range was developed “to position the product to more accurately reflect its premium offering.”

“We used a minimalistic graphic pattern system to bring forward a more scientific and clinical look and feel. This was also a subtle play on the well-known Rexona tick logo mark,” he said, adding that the packaging design "was built, knowing that the system also had to roll over to point of sale asset.”


Percept worked with Unilever to create the design and packaging for the Rexona Track/Stretch brand, to coincide with the 2020 Olympics, without directly linking it to the event.

“The designs needed to be themed around patriotism for the Australian Olympic teams, making use of the iconic green and gold heritage,” said Jenkins, pointing out that the designs also needed to convey an athletic, sporty, energetic feeling with “standout on shelf.”

“We used texture and dynamic linework to infer energy and movement, while remaining true to the existing brand framework,” he added.

According to McCall, the design and pack refresh for the three brands, which was completed over the last 12 months, will be launching into the market soon.

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