Creating a multi-sensory experience for consumers to engage with a product and its packaging can be the key to delivering a brand story that connects on another level. Harcus Design founder and creative director Annette Harcus discusses how products can be presented to transcend beyond the plasma.

There is a multi-sensory experience for consumers that comes with packaging and its design. Since 1982, Harcus Design founder and creative director Annette Harcus has specialised in packaging design for wines and spirits, body and beauty, and gourmet food products. For Harcus, “packaging needs to be invested with the sensory, as well as the visual”.

Packaging is at the forefront of consumer interaction, Harcus tells PKN, and is an amazing way to speak and connect directly to a market at the touchpoint.

“In today’s retail market, what confronts a consumer is a dizzying array of choice,” she says.

“Packaging, by nature, is actual and dimensional – it’s of the real, tangible world and yet it is often sold on the screen. So, we need to approach consumers with multi-levelled and multi-sensory tactics – in real life, on the web and on their phones – presenting products in ways that transcend beyond the plasma.”

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Food & Drink Business

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