Packaging design company Jam&Co has produced an infographic highlighting the key differences between designing packaging for the home improvement market versus the FMCG marketplace.

Jam&Co's general manager of operations, Ian Segail, said home improvement packaging design was very different to designing packaging for FMCG brands. 

"Our infographic gives information about the size of the overall market, and the differences between designing between FMCG and hardware," he said.


The infographic includes guidance on:

* how to express features and benefits on packs

* the language to be used when describing features and benefits on packs

* how to design for mandatories on packs

* the shelf environment in the home improvement market versus the FMCG supermarket environment

* designing packaging for your target market

* the impact of Augmented reality (AR) in the two different markets.

The full PDF of the infographic can be accessed here:


Jam&Co is a Sydney-based packaging design company which works to help brands make emotional connections with consumers. 

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