Sydney creative studio Tweak has developed designs for Nicaway’s new 2mg and 4mg mini lozenges packs, aiming to increase shelf presence, build consumer awareness and elevate the brand.

Printed and converted by Labelmakers, the new packs, which contain 4 x 27 on-the-go pocket tubes, hero the brand logotype and include a vibrant blue colour across the entire range to establish a branding footprint on shelf.

Tweak design director Shane King told PKN that the key directive from the brief for the new design was to focus on optimism and provide powerful tools on the journey to quit smoking.

“People committed to quitting smoking are searching for a product that is going to help and do some of the heavy lifting. With this in mind, it was important to design a pack that looked powerful, functional and clearly communicated its directive from brief,” he said, explaining that key brand attributes were carried over to the new pack designs, such as the Nicaway red on white, and the symmetrically shaped wedge which anchors the back architecture.

“The brand logotype needed to be elevated and become the hero, the cigarette butt had to go and the endorser brand ‘Herron’ had to be scaled up to leverage its inherent positive attributes,” said King, clarifying that a more vibrant red was chosen on the packs for stand-out appeal.

“Communication zones were established within the burst/wedge architecture; branding and product name on white at the top, variant colour and strength level on the right, while key claims and product photography were positioned on the left. All of these zones connected to the 'mg level'  roundel in the centre,” he added.

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