• Nerada Tea's English Breakfast range.
    Nerada Tea's English Breakfast range.

Nerada Tea, a well-known Australian brand with over 50 years of experience in premium tea and herbal infusions, has collaborated with Tweak to refresh its brand image, with Platypus Printing providing the packaging and printing the design.

The goal was to emphasise Nerada's craftsmanship and align it with Australia's adventurous spirit. This effort involved a significant redesign of the packaging to enhance brand visibility and recognition on store shelves.

Tweak's collaboration with Nerada Tea began over 10 years ago. "Our partnership with Nerada started in 2013 when we redesigned their core range to give it a fresh, bold look that better communicated the brand's key attributes," Shane King, design director at Tweak, told PKN. This long-standing relationship made Tweak the natural choice for the latest redesign.

The recent project was led by Tweak’s creative director Anthony Cody and King, with finished artwork led by Paul Rumens and a team of finished artists. "Our history with the Nerada brand and our understanding of the tea category made us the right choice for this collaboration," King added.

Nerada’s brief to Tweak was clear: emphasise the brand's long-standing craftsmanship and align it with Australia's adventurous spirit. The new packaging design aimed to make the brand more visible and appealing, while staying true to its heritage.

"An important consideration in our design was to maximise brand presence and provide cut-through on the shelf," King explained.

"This was achieved using vibrant colour and a simple architecture. Inspired by the craftsman’s workbench, the deep green panel maximises contrast with the Nerada logotype and anchors all pack communication. The surrounding vibrant green leaf background connects to other packs on the shelf, providing a brand-blocking effect.

"The new design also introduced the 'Premium Blend' tagline for the English Breakfast range, defined by the category cue red. The Australian Crafted roundel prominently emphasises the brand’s heritage, while the Rainforest Alliance seal underscores our commitment to nature."

Taste and visual appeal were also crucial considerations. To address this, the packaging includes a photograph of a brewed cup of tea. "We opted for a rich tea colour without milk to get the right tone," King mentioned. "A spot gloss was added for a liquid sheen that catches the eye, and the tea leaves in the foreground were given a real, just-picked look with additional spot gloss."

The packaging tells the Nerada story around all sides, with each panel extending the visual identity and brand narrative. Through this thoughtful redesign, Nerada Tea and Tweak have reinforced the brand's heritage and commitment to quality, ensuring it stands out on shelves and continues to resonate with Australian tea drinkers.

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