Beverage brand company Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) has partnered with young, socially conscious designers across ANZ to create a limited-edition collection of sustainability-themed glass jars for Moccona coffee, complete with QR code activation.

The latest Moccona limited-edition collection of decorative jars features the artworks of six Aussie and Kiwi designers on more than two million of its glass stopper jars worldwide, with graphics highlighting sustainability themes. Each jar also features a QR code, which directs consumers to a landing page where they can vote in support of future-changing environmental causes.

The design theme is aimed to inspire people to take small steps towards a more sustainable world, and aligns to JDE’s mission for all its packaging to be 100 per cent recyclable, compostable, or reusable. Moccona jars are recyclable through kerbside collection and contain more than 50 per cent recycled glass.

The Moccona limited-edition decorative jars are recyclable and contain more than 50 per cent recycled glass. Pictured: Small Actions,
designed by Georgia Billma.

“For the first time in history we have handed over our iconic jar to a group of talented young designers, giving them a platform to highlight the sustainability issue closest to their hearts. We hope the striking artworks, featured on our latest collection, not only showcase the beauty of the local natural environment in need of protection, but also inspires Aussies and Kiwis to upcycle their Moccona jar and think about other small changes we can all do to make a little difference,” said Dominique Stichling, marketing manager, Moccona.

The six winning designers were picked from more than 60 entries. Their designs are now featured on the  limited-edition Moccona Decorative Jars collection, which includes:

(1) Renew: Designed by Auckland-based Nicole Canuto who used her jar design to champion upcycling and reusability and highlight how we can incorporate sustainable practices into our daily lives. She met with Dr Anita Vandyke, who advocates finding zero waste alternatives to everyday products,  to discuss upcycling.

(2) Pedalling Forwards: Designed by Jemma Ortiger, from Sydney, whose design highlights how sustainable transport, especially cycling, can help keep us moving - without costing the earth. Ortiger met up with TEDx speaker and educator, Lindsay Miles and they want to spread the word about the importance of switching to cycling.

(3) Our Whales Below: Designed by Kaitlyn Geltner, from Tasmania, who has a passion for the ocean. Her jar design was inspired by the way whales continually cycle nutrients in our oceans, and she met with Laura Wells, science educator and environmentalist,  to discuss their shared love of the ocean, whales and coffee as well as ways we can protect ocean species.

(4) Protecting Friends: Designed by Celine Groene’s design, who celebrates Australia’s biodiversity and the cockatoos she calls friends, who she believes, along with every living organism on earth, deserve to be respected and protected. Groene, who is based in Sydney, met with Aussie actor and wildlife advocate Matty Wilson met with Celine discuss their shared passion for our animals and how we can all take small steps to protect our Aussie wildlife friends.

(5) Small Actions: Designed by student designer Georgia Billma, who believes that small actions made now can play a huge part in bringing about sustainable future change. The different elements of her design represent the little actions we can all take to make a difference. Billma, who is based in Auckland, met with influencer and thrifty-environmentalist Brooke Styles, who promotes recycling and giving products a new life,  to chat about their shared passion for having a sustainable future.

(5) Bee the Change: designed by Auckland-based Sophie Williamson, whose artwork was inspired by the way bees, butterflies and other pollinators play a major role in the world's ecosystems – and are therefore essential for a sustainable future. She caught up with Jessie Baker from Bees Up Top to discuss how we can all do our bit to help keep our beautiful pollinators healthy and thriving ecosystems.

As part of Moccona’s ongoing commitment to a sustainable coffee journey, the new design collection features a QR code, which launches in support ofsix future-changing environmental causes including Dismantle (congruous with Pedalling Forwards), Wildlife Victoria (congruous with Protecting Friends), ORRCA (congruous with Our Whales Below), Planet Ark (congruous with Renew), KiwiHarvest (congruous with Small Actions) and Bees Up Top (congruous with Bee the Change).

Moccona will donate AUD 100,000 to be shared between the six causes – each QR code will direct consumers to where they can vote for the one they care about most. Each cause will receive a share of the AUD 100,000 donation, allocated based on your votes.

JDE has been collaborating with artists and designers, including Peter Alexander in ANZ, to produce a range of screen-printed, limited-edition jars since 2012.

(l-r) Limited-edition Moccono decorative jar designs: Above – Renew by Nicole Canuto, Pedalling Forward by Jemma Ortiger, Our Whales Below by Kaitlyn Tassie, Below – Protecting Friends by Celine Groene, Small Actions by Georgia Billma and Bee the Change by Sophie Williamson.
(l-r) Limited-edition Moccono decorative jar designs: Above – Renew by Nicole Canuto, Pedalling Forward by Jemma Ortiger, Our Whales Below by Kaitlyn Tassie, Below – Protecting Friends by Celine Groene, Small Actions by Georgia Billma and Bee the Change by Sophie Williamson.


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