A farm-fresh feel has taken over Sprout Stack’s Living Salad range, following a collaboration with Sydney-based design agency Percept for the rustic new look.

Sprout Stack is an indoor food producer that uses vertical hydroponics in controlled conditions to grow and distribute fresh plants to restaurants, cafes and home cooks.

The Living Salad range is delivered with roots still intact and lets the consumer harvest when required, ensuring healthy and nutritious produce while being eco-conscious.

A brown paper textured background combined with handwritten and condensed typography adds an organic feel to the packaging design, with a suite of vector icons created to highlight the benefits and claims of the brand.

“Icons are a fantastic way to communicate key information quickly and effectively to consumers,” said Percept senior designer Paula McLarnon, who led the project.

“Using imagery would have overcomplicated the layout and minimised the impact/shelf shout from a distance. The simplicity of the hand drawn icons helps convey key callouts in an easy to digest way.”

“The design has a farm fresh feel – exactly the desired tone. The typography plays a key role in softening any preconceptions about hydroponics. This sustainable farming method challenges the way people perceive agriculture. Hydroponics initially could appear less natural and environmentally friendly, however, nothing could be further from the truth. It was important to convey an approachable and natural feel on pack.”

The Living Salad packaging design aimed to blend its innovation with nature in order to hold a strong presence on shelf, as well a consumer friendly look that is organic and cohesive to the brand's messaging.

The abstract lettuce diecut is positioned to ensure prime visibility of the product and integrates into the root illustration. This connects to a black textured panel, graphically representing the coconut hair base, and helps to ground the pack, providing a perfect holding device for the icons.

Sprout Stack’s Living Salad range is available through independent grocers around Australia.

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