The Byron Bay Cookie Company has rebranded its Milk Choc Chunk cookie for a limited time in bold yellow packs to raise awareness and funds for Australian charity R U OK?.

Part of the proceeds from each cookie sold will be donated to R U OK?, which focuses on suicide prevention and empowering people to connect with those around them. The design was developed in-house and in collaboration with the team at R U OK? and follows on from the success of the campaign back in 2018. 

“The pack design is mainly unchanged. This is partly because it was so well received in 2018, and partly to minimise costs associated with plate changes when it comes to flexible print,” Byron Bay Cookie Company marketing manager Emilie Emond told PKN. 

“The R U OK? logo always grabs attention because of its yellow & black colour scheme. In fact, I believe the R U OK? charity has 80 per cent awareness in Australia, which is outstanding for any brand, let alone a charity. 

“The R U OK? colours complement the black and yellow tones of the Byron Bay Cookie logo nicely, which was created by a Byron Bay illustrator 22 years ago.”

Although not kerbside recyclable, the packaging can be placed in REDcycle bins at supermakets, with the Byron Bay Cookie Company “actively exploring alternative packaging solutions that will allow us to tick both recyclability and shelf life,” Emond said.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Byron Bay Cookie Company, with the team proud to be partnering with “such a worthy cause”.

“The founder of R U OK?, Gavin Larkin, was quoted saying that, ‘In the time it takes to have a cup of coffee you can have a conversation that could change a life’. This is beautifully represented by this limited-edition cookie, which has a baked-in groove making it easy to share with someone over a cup of coffee or a cuppa.”

The co-branded R U OK? cookie will be available selected cafés and Coles Express stores from late June, as well as selected Coles stores from August, in time for R U OK?Day on Thursday 10 September.

The limited release R U OK? Cookie by Byron Bay Cookies will be available from late June on the R U OK? website for RRP $42 for a box of 12, individually wrapped cookies to share.

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